Develop multi-platform apps using Ruby on Rails and Hotwire.

In 2022, building an app solely for web doesn't cut it any more. iOS and Android apps are essential for a successful SaaS product.

Using Rails and Hotwire, it's possible to build a web app with accompanying hybrid mobile apps that don't suck.

This book will teach you the skills to push Rails and Hotwire to the max.

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You'll learn...

How to build an app for Web, iOS and Android
We'll build a neighborhood marketplace app à la Gumtree or Craigslist. We'll call it Piazza. Alongside the Rails app, we'll also build iOS and Android apps using Turbo Native.
Authentication and Authorization from scratch
These are core concepts used in every single web app, and having a working understanding of what goes on under the hood is essential. That's why, in this book, we build them from scratch instead of using a gem.
Shipping production quality code
Far too many tutorials come with a caveat of "but don’t do this in production". They rarely explain what one should do in production. None of that nonsense. Everything in this book is 100% production ready!
Internationalization and Localization
Internationalizing an app from the get-go keeps all the user facing text out of the views. This keeps the code clean, makes it easier to test, and the app is ready to be localized when required.
Every single Rails sub-framework
Action Mailer, Active Storage, Action Text, Active Job, Action Cable, Action Mailbox. We'll build features using them all!
PostgreSQL powered search
It's hard to imagine a modern web app without search. PostgreSQL packs in quite a punch with its full-text search feature. We'll build a search engine using it.
Deploying the app to Render
Heroku is frozen in time. Render is the future. We'll deploy services to run Rails, Sidekiq, PostgreSQL and Redis.
This book is definitely something that will help you level up with Rails and Hotwire. It's far more than just how to build a marketplace. It will help you better comprehend thus making you a better developer overall.
—   Stephen Swann

Founder, Overdue

Went through the free preview chapters and have to say this is going to be a must-have for modern SSR Web Apps
—   David Teren

Software Dev Team Lead @ Prodigy Finance

Book progress: 82% complete

Pre-order now for $99 $79

What's in the box?

Ebook in PDF and EPUB
A comprehensive ebook that packs in everything you need to level-up your Ruby on Rails skills. Exercises in every chapter help you practice the techniques covered in the prose.
Source code for all 3 apps
The source code for the completed application on all 3 platforms. Great to use as reference!

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Common questions.

Who is this book for?
This book assumes basic familiarity with Ruby and Rails. If you've never used Rails, I recommend completing The Ruby on Rails Tutorial by Michael Hartl before working through this book.

While junior to mid-level Rails developers will get the most value out of this book, I believe every single Rails developer will learn something significant.
Do I need any experience in native app development?
No, we only skim the native world in this book and everything you need is covered. Although, any previous experience would be highly beneficial!
What if I'm not interested in building native apps?
You can skip the chapters and sections on the native apps, that's totally fine. You can also choose to build only the iOS or Android app if you wish.

The book's core is the web app. The native apps just build on top of that.
What about Strada?
Strada is meant to be released some time in 2022, but I wouldn't hold my breath. When it's released, I'll cover it in the book and publish it as a free update.
When will the book be released?
Some time in Q4 2022. I'm hoping to get it done by the end of October, but it might slip by a few weeks.
Can I see the table of contents?
Not yet I'm afraid. A lot changes during writing and editing. I'm reluctant to publish something incomplete. If you'd like more detail about what's in the book, email me.
Anything else?
Email me ⟶
Pre-order now for $99 $79

About the Author.

Ayush Newatia is a freelance Web Developer specialising in Ruby on Rails and Hotwire. In a previous life, he worked as an iOS and Android developer and was involved with the development of hugely popular apps for companies such as Nike and Dyson.

He's on the core team of the Bridgetown open source project, and he also runs a privacy focused mailing list app called Scattergun.